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Marble Clock by Frodsham

Chars Frodsham

An austere marble clock, signed on the dial CHARS FRODSHAM TO THE QUEEN, c. 1880. The case is made of black marble with a moulded base. The white enamel dial has a black Roman chapter ring, whilst at the twelve there is a regulation square, which can be operated with a watch key. The direction to turn it is facilitated by the letters S and F. The spring-driven, eight-day movement is of classic, French design, consisting of a going train with anchor escapement and short, heavy pendulum, and rack striking, which indicates the hours fully and the half hours with one stroke on a bell. The backplate is signed CHARS Frodsham CLOCK MAKER TO THE QUEEN.

The maker, Charles Frodsham (London, 1810 – 1871), was a renowned clockmaker specialising in precision clocks such as marine chronometers. He won prizes at the Great Exhibition in Paris. By the time this clock was made the firm was in the hands of his son, Harrison, but kept its name. The firm is still inexistence and holds the royal warrant. It seems likely that the present clock was made by a French company for Frodsham and retailed by the company.

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