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Early Walnut Barometer

100 cm (39.5 inches)

A fine and rare Queen Anne walnut barometer, unsigned, with all the stylistic characteristics pointing to the first quarter of the eighteenth century. The barometer is made in the manner of John Patrick, with elaborately engraved register plates, made of brass and silvered. The two, indicating the air pressure, can be moved up or down to allow for different heights. The left scale has indications for summer, the one on the right for winter. The cistern tube is hidden by a large half cylindrical cover. The cistern, hidden by a large cover, has a leather bottom.

Note: The hole in the pediment to suspend the instrument is original and can be seen in other barometers of the same period.

The barometer has been totally restored and is in excellent condition.

Literature: E Banfield, Barometers, Stick or Cistern Tube, Trowbridge, 1985, pp. 27-35; N.Goodison, English Barometers 1680-1860, Woodbridge, 1977, pp.49, Plate 8, 201, Plate 133.

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