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Clock Restorations

Our underlying philosophy for the restoration and conservation of antique clocks and barometers is respect for the object. Our approach is always based on a dialogue with the owner as to the options and outcomes desired for each individual object.

Clocks are almost unique in the world of conservation in that they are often required to perform today as they did hundreds of years ago when they were first made. These dynamic objects require special conservation and restoration techniques that minimise any intervention but where this is necessary then it should be as reversible as possible.

Conservation “conserves” the lifetime history of a clock as far as possible by repairing damaged and worn out components for reuse, thereby retaining this historic material for future generations. Restoration essentially restores an object to a particular time in its history.

For example, verge reconversions ‘restore’ Victorian anchor escapement modernisations back to a clock’s original Georgian verge escapement. Conservation would ‘conserve’ the clock in its current modified state.

In practice, we try to conserve as much original material as possible with minimal intervention. However, for rare and historic clocks in particular, we would recommend a conservation approach to retain and enhance the value of the clock, which can be detrimentally affected by unsympathetic over-restoration. Any components that are missing or damaged beyond repair are always made in a sympathetic style that matches the original.

We have our own network of conservators and restorers who specialise in clock cases and furniture restoration, dial restoration, enamelling, painting, gilding and engraving. We offer to co-ordinate all these resources to provide the highest quality service to our customers.

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